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Highly skilled labour at reasonable prices

Higher than usual productivity from an extremely motivated workforce, is the result of their desire to earn hard currency and nature of work ethic. We source skilled Trade labourers and Chefs of all levels from Korea, Japan and China. AES has established key relationships with overseas governements and agencies that allows us to screen and select, ensuring you receive a quality labour force.

The department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) has recognised a wide variety of skills as in "short supply" and employers in Australia are able to attract workers that comply with this skills list. DIMIA sets a minimum level of earnings to protect these workers from exploitation, so earn the same local workers for doing the same job.

Workers from overseas leap at the opportunity to earn hard Australian currency, have a high level of work ethic and skills, whilst some of our clients have reported increases in productivity of up to 35%.

AES maintains global testing facilities for specific skills sets, as employers are invited to observe, assess, meet and interview the workers in finally selecting the successful candidate.

English levels vary from fair to excellent, however workers are given intense English lessons at TAFE to assist in making it easier to converse in the work place. Importing skilled labour can be very costly and time consuming if done incorrectly, AES will take care of all the visa and relocation costs and deliver the skilled workers to your door step. Workers typically come to Australia for up to 4 years.

All skilled candidates are extensively tested prior to arrival and you are encouraged to assist in the final selection process yourself to ensure 100% success.



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